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Dr. Yacin Zawam can easily argue he has an expansive record of working in internal medicine. Having started his practice in the mid-2000s as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist, he quickly gained a significant amount of experience handling hospital-grade internal medical issues and diagnosis. At the same time, he was working under the training and guidance of the University of Toledo. It was only some seven years later, after an extensive period of work on the most serious cases, that Dr. Zawam then moved onto a full practice at Spark Medical Center in 2013, in Arkansas. Since then, he has been working at the Southern Ohio Medical Center, located in Portsmouth, dealing with some of the most challenging cases with regards to internal medicine and occurring regionally.

Both Advising as Well as Treating Dr. Zawam’s specialization in internal medicine has brought him through multiple offices, clinics, hospitals and medical centers. There’s no shortage of demand for the discipline, especially given how common internal medical conditions tend to be in the U.S., particularly with age and people living longer on the natural. The same has allowed Dr. Zawam to gain affiliation and network advantages with dozens of hospitals in the region, including working on medical teams for extremely complex cases as well as playing an advisory role for a number of medical groups at the same time.

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