About Me

Dr. Yacin Zawam can easily argue he has an expansive record of working in internal medicine. Having started his practice in the mid-2000s as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist, he quickly gained a significant amount of experience handling hospital-grade internal medical issues and diagnosis. At the same time, he was working under the training and guidance of the University of Toledo. It was only some seven years later, after an extensive period of work on the most serious cases, that Dr. Zawam then moved onto a full practice at Spark Medical Center in 2013, in Arkansas. Since then, he has been working at the Southern Ohio Medical Center, located in Portsmouth, dealing with some of the most challenging cases with regards to internal medicine and occurring regionally.

Both Advising as Well as Treating

Dr. Zawam’s specialization in internal medicine has brought him through multiple offices, clinics, hospitals and medical centers. There’s no shortage of demand for the discipline, especially given how common internal medical conditions tend to be in the U.S., particularly with age and people living longer on the natural. The same has allowed Dr. Zawam to gain affiliation and network advantages with dozens of hospitals in the region, including working on medical teams for extremely complex cases as well as playing an advisory role for a number of medical groups at the same time.

With his own practice located in Toledo, OH, Dr. Yacin Zawam regularly stays in discipline form as well as provides guidance. It’s been almost two decades since his medical school graduation in 2006, but Dr. Zawam continues to go strong with his practice in Arkansas and regularly accepts new patients to provide preventative care as well as expert diagnosis and treatment.

A Wide Portfolio Range of Patients

Given the fact that Dr. Yacin Zawam and his practice covers what is fundamentally a medicine that affects everyone, it’s not surprising that his patient list covers everyone from teens to mid-age adults to seniors. Dr. Zawam also handles both regular patients as well as those on Medicare, which gives him a broad exposure to a sizable segment of the population, at least in terms of differences between age brackets and how internal medicine demands shift over time with a patient.

Additional Activities and Efforts

While treating patients as a full-time doctor would keep most people busy, Dr. Yacin Zawam also engages heavily in helping improve the medical system as well. In this regard, he is actively engaged with the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) through its Incentive Program, as well as the Medicare Maintenance of Certification Program. Additionally, Dr. Zawam has actively engaged in multiple incentives and initiatives specific to the Medicare program, designed to help improve engagement and doctor involvement for a wider range of patient support of Medicare enrollees.

In the above regard, Dr. Yacin Zawam has, as a result, developed a well-connected network with multiple medical agencies and hospitals in the Ohio area. These include, for example, the Riverside Methodist Hospital, the Ohio State University State Health System, and the Kings Daughters Medical Center Ohio. His name is such a familiar reference, Dr. Zawam is regularly noted and called upon when any of these hospitals and others find themselves facing a perplexing case with more than the usual amount of challenge involved. In fact, Dr. Wazam has even been involved to some extent with some of the new symptoms realized with the novel pandemic created by COVID-19 and its impacts to the human body in a variety of ways.

Still Available for the Average Patient

However, while one would think that Dr. Zawam would be hard to get to as a patient. The fact is, he is quite available for new cases. He readily accepts Medicare assignments and requests where other doctors might hesitate because of the associated reimbursement rates. He is steadily accepting new patients without shutout periods. And, Dr. Yacin Zawam still provides regular ongoing treatment for chronic cases as well.

Given all the above, it's surprising that Dr. Yacin Zawam is not engaged even further in the education of new doctors and medical professionals at the regional university level, but there is a limit to what one person can do. In all likelihood, there's a good chance Dr. Zawam will eventually migrate to this arena as well in the long term, especially as he gets to the latter part of his career and wants to pass on his experience and knowledge to the next generation of doctors to be. The only question will be, which regional university program will get the advantage and benefit of his extensive internal medicine wisdom and guidance. At this time, only Dr. Yacin Zawam knows the answer to that question, but it probably won't be that long until the rest of the medical community picks up on the likely direction as well.


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